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The Advantages of Engaging a BC Mortgage Broker?
Independent advice, save time, mortgage and real estate updates, tax deductible mortgage plans and… really great rates.

Mortgages are more complex, harder to negotiate and a big part of your net worth.

The value of independent advice is hard priceless. Imagine you are sitting with your banker and he makes an offer…is the offer in your best interest? Think for a minute, he or she is responsible to their boss, to making the numbers, to maximizing profit. They need to hit the revenue targets sent down by head office.

Imagine sitting down in front of your boss for a review and telling them you cut the rates to the bone; advised the clients on their lowest cost options; and if you couldn’t help, you directed them to another lender. How do you think your job review would go? But that’s the way the world works. That’s the value of independent advice, you don’t have to worry about the banker’s deal with their boss.

An independent mortgage broker in BC is not motivated by the pay plan or a potential promotion…my success is measured on how happy my client is with the transaction. Were they served well, was the rate good, did the mortgage fit their circumstances…not are the guys happy in the corner office with the profit they made on the mortgage.

Here is a brief list of the advantages of working with a mortgage broker:

  • Timely rate updates from the lender
  • BC Home loan options that are not provided by the bank
  • Better rates then provided by BC in branch mortgage lenders
  • Apply online and save your time and money with BC broker mortgage services
  • Free advice on the mortgage options available, such as title insurance, life insurance, prepayment options, etc.

All to ensure that your mortgage is the best deal in BC.

Here are some examples of how using my services as mortgage broker in BC can help you save money:

Using a mortgage broker in BC is an effective way of getting a mortgage package to suit your needs without having to commit hours of your time to searching and browsing the internet, When you use my services mortgage broker service, you will simply be cutting out all of the time and work involved in finding a mortgage to suit your circumstances…this service is provided free and provided without obligation.

As mortgage broker in BC, I can source a wide range of mortgage options on your behalf, and will then put forward the ones that offer the best value in terms of interest rates and monthly repayments. One example is structuring your mortgage for tax deductibility…this will save you tens of thousands (that’s not a misprint) of dollars over the term of your mortgage.

One application is required with the BC mortgage broker which saves you the hassle of having to complete a form for each lender in which you are interested.

As an established BC mortgage broker I already have formed the business links, contacts, and relationships with a wide range of BC mortgage lenders. I can act quickly on your behalf.

If you have a poor credit rating and you are looking for an affordable home mortgage, I have years of experience in this area. I know which lenders will offer affordable mortgages to those with a tarnished credit history.

In short as a mortgage broker in BC, I can negotiate more favorable terms on your behalf:

  • Longer terms
  • Larger pay outs without penalties
  • Reduced documentation requirements for the self employed
  • Better rates for those with problem credit
  • Significantly discounted rates (without haggling) for those who have well established credit.

The wide selection of home mortgage products available today means that consumers enjoy incredible choice, and this choice increases the chances of getting a great value home mortgage.

However, the downside is that you could end up spending hours and hours trawling through the home mortgage deals from various companies, and while you are busy trying to interpret the financial jargon that many lenders may throw at you, another buyer could snatch the house of your dreams from under your nose.

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Jules Seaman August 10, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Great blog! You have a broad understanding of the Vancouver Real Estate market, but offer a succinct explanation to your readers.

Edmonton Real Estate September 21, 2010 at 4:11 pm

By using a mortgage broker I have saved myself over 15,000 in the past 5 years. Unfortunately, some people get stuck with same bank and are afraid to venture out for a better deal. Like you said, some don’t even realize that there are better deals out there.

Derek H.

sergio zurita October 18, 2010 at 10:28 pm

I would like to buy my first house I make almost 3000 a month. me and my wife we pay here in Nanaimo 1000 monthly rent for my wife side she is make 2ooo for month but we don’t have a cash there must to be another way to buy a house we live in this house is in my brother name but there plan to sale on 2012 I love dog and I would like something modest house for my family and for my dog before when we move here everything it was find till my brother get mad with my mother in the pas I have dog but I sold theme because my brother wan to sale the house it was a very painful month but suddenly my brother said we not going to sale the house you imagine how it was for me and my family I but 2 dog and I m planning to keeper my brother have his own company there bough a 2 house for him money is first for me family I forget to tell you my wife and my mother bought this house with my brother 2 year after my brother toll my mom we can get mortgage the house and everybody will have 2000 dollars but my bank toll me because you have you own business will be better just in your name we think it was for the best we are family after all but since the house is in his name he try to manipulate everybody my mother have to move because my brother drive her crazy this history is just the begin any way I don’t know why I tell you that maybe because is my frustration the I can buy a house if 1 day or maybe never I will buy a house I will take my mother with me.

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